For me heaven on earth means being of service from my heart with something I am passionate about which is assisting people to move from their darkness into clarity, to live their best life, by loving yourself.   Secondly finding the right spiritual path that sustains me from within and most importantly, open my loving heart to love myself and then love and be loved with all of my soul!!  The first step begins with me simply LOVING MYSELF.  Sounds so simple, a statement so overused that I believe we have lost the power of these two words… Continue reading

Today is a reminder to see the power of beauty in your life – and watch the world transform.
As we know, beauty is in the eye of the one who looks at it. Today, look for loveliness in the darkest of places and you will be amazed! All of the Mystery is beautiful. Beauty is everywhere, just open your eyes.
The next step can only be achieved if you do this today, for only when we shift our perceptions can we see that all is not what we think it is, all is actually in perfect order and beautiful.… Continue reading

You are always at the beginning of some area of you life where, for a short time, you will feel like a Novice, integrating new knowledge.  This is one of those times where you need to be teachable and humble. This is not a time to pretend to know something – if you do, chances are you”ll make an error that may cost you more than you wish to pay.
This is the time to ask, as new information is coming, so be open to learning and expanding your consciousness.  Stop and ask what lesson is to be… Continue reading