I am a Soul Coach and I work with the simple truth that to love yourself is to connect to the ultimate truth of who you are. Love is the gateway to all that brings you joy for you are a spark of Divine Love.  The two  most powerful and transformational words, to bring about real deep changes in your life are LOVE YOURSELF.
I work with the intention of coaching my clients on how to have a more loving relationship with them-selves. We live in a world where we have a relationship with everything and everyone in our environments. The quality of those relationships will be a direct reflection on the quality of the relationship you have with yourself.
This may seem too simple, that the extent to which we love ourselves could directly impact the quality of our lives in our work environments, with our families and loved one, and even our social circles.
You may be asking yourself as you read this, “How is it possible that if I loved myself more I would have a healthier relationship with my spouse, or find the perfect dream job or partner, be happier in general or simple be living more of the life that I have imagined.”
It is possible! When you start to love yourself, you start to take your power back, you begin to take responsibility for who you are and the impact your choices and decisions have on yourself and your reality. You start to make decisions that are based on loving yourself and creating more joyful experiences by the choices you make.  By this simple step the world you live in will slowly start to transform not because the world literally changes but because you have started to shift within your relationship with yourself and the choices you make.  It will feel as though suddenly the entire Universe starts to move and shift towards creating the reality you want to live in which is more beautiful than you could ever have imagined it. How powerful are you! How powerful is free will choice, so choose to love yourself!

To begin the journey of loving yourself, you need to know yourself. Know what you want and know what you need to be authentically you. Know what makes you happy and what does not, be honest with yourself. Know you are brave and the truth of who you truly are will be revealed to you, that you are a beautiful abundant soul who deserves more blessings than your heart can hold.  You are not your “bad” choices, you are pure Love, a spark of the Divine and deserve nothing less than to live your best life and the golden key to unlock all these doors you hide behind is to know who you are and then to love yourself completely and deeply. Let us begin your journey together and I will help you find your way.


Gillian Scott


As you live deeper in the heart the mirror becomes clearer and cleaner.

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