I could tell you all about my career and the facts of my life but I realise that that would not tell you anything about who I am.
So who am I. I believe that only Love is real, that Love is the ultimate goal of our journey in life, to simply love what you are doing, love who you are, love who you are with, love where you are – doing whatever it is your are doing . Be Love, as Rumi says so eloquently, “Where ever you are, Be the soul of that place.” Be the Love you want to experience in this world.
I recently was sharing with a friend some amazing insights I had regarding Self Love. After that particular conversation she sent me an email link to a seminar Deepak Chopra was hosting on The Art of Love (so beautiful these words for love is art, creation, and beauty in its purest form). When I listened to the link of only 20minutes long I was astounded. Firstly because all I knew about Deepak was that he was an Indian and a spiritual teacher so I was not familiar with his teachings – so when I listened to the interview there were parts that were verbatim on the conversation that I had had with my friend. It was astounding to me and also confirmation that I was intuiting the information at a high vibration! Secondly I realised that the journey I have been on in my life, the journey that is playing itself out in a myriad of ways in the lives of my fellow man and woman, is the journey back to Self, back to Love, back to God (The Universe, The Big Spirit whatever word works for you) and the goal is to simply Love Yourself. This has been without a doubt the hardest lesson I have ever had to learn – that I am still learning. Love Yourself Love Yourself Love Yourself.
This is the relationship we need to nurture, heal, mend and love – the relationship with the Self, the relationship with God if you will. Because how you relate to your Higher Self will be mirrored in the relationship you have with the world.
So who am I? I am Gillian and I am learning to Love my Self completely, wholly and fully. For at my essence I am the Truth of all creation, I AM LOVE

Gillian Scott