I believe that Love is the only reality.  That LOVE has the alchemical power to transform any situation from a lower vibration into a Higher Vibration.  I believe that LOVE is, at its’ highest vibration, God/Wisdom.  Ever since I can remember I have spent most of my journey learning what it means to truly and deeply love and appreciate who I am.  Every lesson ever learnt, every person I have ever met, every situation that came my way, was part of my experience on how to fully accept and love who I am.  When a situation arises that causes me any level of anxiety or fear, it is not the other person creating it, it is my belief about what is happening between the other person and I, that is creating the “pain” I am experiencing.  Really read that sentence because once I got – it changed my world. I could no longer blame another for whatever pain I was going through, as much as I felt justified in blaming another, I could not fool myself anymore.  Once I got it, I knew that all my job entailed in this life was for me to take 100% responsibility for what I am contributing to any situation.  To look within myself and find where I am acting from ego (defensively) instead of responding with Love.  Tough work if you do not understand the difference between what you are truly feeling versus what is a learnt behaviour or reaction.

Once I got to a place where I was genuinely experiencing within my heart a real sense of self love and acceptance, I was slowly able to start opening my heart to receive all the gifts and miracles that were meant for me.  As the wonderful Rumi says, “Do not seek Love, but seek to remove the blocks that keep you from Love.”  I believe that the blocks Rumi is referring to are our own limiting beliefs that are creating our limited perceptions of our reality and these limited thoughts are keeping us from experiencing the happiness, abundance, joy and love available for us in any given moment of our lives.  Where there is a “block” there is a need to explore your thinking and limiting beliefs  that are creating this block.  What is lacking in any situation is what you are not giving, not what you are not getting.  In order to change your relationship with others, first and foremost you need to work on the relationship with Self, as all other relationships are a reflection of that ONE prime relationship.  We begin with gaining clarity by exploring and questing our limited thinking.

One thing I know for sure is that our relationship with ourselves is the most difficult of all relationships to have and it is the most important because that is where the real inner work needs to be done.  As you start to understand, accept, love, tolerate, listen, and nurture yourself, so your relationships you engage in will shift to become more harmonious or  will shift out of your life as change is a two-way street and some of us are not ready to create shifts.   My greatest teachings have come from those relationships that have “caused” me the most pain, yet ironically it has been through these relationships that I grow more and more into the beautiful that I am.  It is these relationships that are reflecting back to me where I am resisting or stuck within my own thinking.

A truly beautiful and intimate relationship with another is the highest achievement of success  I believe any one of us can ever achieve in our life.  A beautiful relationship is for me a reflection of the love I have for Self.  For we can only give and receive love to the extent t we carry it in our own hearts for ourselves.
I have come from 20 years of being in the corporate environment and made a huge success – but no deal I ever closed, no amount of money I ever made, could even come close to the deep joy of experiencing a deep intimate connection with another soul.  My journey is your journey, for there is no separation between us, we all come from the same source, we all come from Love and are finding our way back..

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