What I want and what I should be doing is a constant battle within me. I have this constant doubt, second guessing myself and ignoring the whispers in the shadows of my mind. A mind that seems at times to still be at battle with it self. There are times I truly feel so lost within my thinking, so out there in the stratosphere from what is considered acceptable and realistic and practical.
I feel isolated from life yet I am always talking about trying to be connected to the truth… Continue reading

For me heaven on earth means being of service from my heart with something I am passionate about which is assisting people to move from their darkness into clarity, to live their best life, by loving yourself.   Secondly finding the right spiritual path that sustains me from within and most importantly, open my loving heart to love myself and then love and be loved with all of my soul!!  The first step begins with me simply LOVING MYSELF.  Sounds so simple, a statement so overused that I believe we have lost the power of these two words… Continue reading

I believe that Love is the only reality.  That LOVE has the alchemical power to transform any situation from a lower vibration into a Higher Vibration.  I believe that LOVE is, at its’ highest vibration, God/Wisdom.  Ever since I can remember I have spent most of my journey learning what it means to truly and deeply love and appreciate who I am.  Every lesson ever learnt, every person I have ever met, every situation that came my way, was part of my experience on how to fully accept and love who I am.  When a… Continue reading