Let’s Breathe life  back into your Life

My aim as a coach is to be able to create and hold a safe space for you to explore what is happening within you, and what is holding you back now from your joy and the life you want or the person you feel you truly are.
In the sessions I am guided by your essential self, as I am not the expert of you – you are the expert of your own life.  I am merely here to assist you to be more aware of your thoughts and understand what you are feeling, so that the decisions you make are the right ones for you.

On a business note, I would like you to get familiar with my procedures and policies.  If you have any questions please contact me.

Policies and Procedures

Individual session:

It is preferable initially to meet for an hour every week for 6 weeks to get the momentum of the coaching going.  This can either be done face to face or via telephone.  After a couple of sessions you’ll find you’ll start seeing me at longer intervals as you will have developed an understanding  of yourself and are working with the sessions.


To make the most of our time together, there will be times when I’ll ask you to complete various exercises as homework between sessions.  Ideally you will have these completed and returned before the next session.

Authenticity and Honesty:

I am committed to your progress and your journey, so if you feel that there is some part of the coaching relationship that is not working, please let me know.  I will do whatever is necessary to resolve the issue.  I ask that you be honest, committed and open at all times.  This is your process and this is about you creating and finding your joy!


My fee is R650 per individual session.  Unless you would like to pay for more sessions upfront, you can pay before each session by Internet transfer, or in cash at the session.  Should you need to cancel a session, please do so 24 hours before the session or you will be charged accordingly.

Please note that there are no refunds for sessions.

What to expect:

Throughout our working relationship our conversations will be direct and personal.  You can count on me to be authentic, honest and transparent, I will ask clarifying questions make strong requests and provide unconditional support.  The purpose of our interaction will be to assist you to rediscover yourself and your joy, and then hold focus on YOUR desired outcome.

I promise to keep all information you share with me strictly confidential, and I will treat your willingness to be truthful and vulnerable with the utmost respect.