“I was feeling increasingly uneasy and started to lose believe in my abilities to get myself back to a place where I was proud of who I am when I was introduced to Gillian. Her candid approach placed me on a journey, not so much of self discovery, but of self realisation.

Our weekly session where like pit stops where we would evaluate the direction I was heading in and make adjustments where needed, a lot of the work took place during my day to day activities. Once I gained awareness of some of myself limiting believes, Gillian guided me through a system that allowed me to see them for what they were. As long as I was living my life by these outdated false believes I would continue to feel frustrated and unfulfilled. Gillian wasted no time by delving into where these self limiting believes came from or why I took them on board, instead her approach focused on connecting me with my true self and systematically replaced one false believe at a time with a more accurate and balanced set of believes. As I discarded myself imposed expectations of my life I was able to open myself up to an adventure that is still unfolding.
The biggest step I took was to allow Gillian to guide me through a deeply personal process that I believe every person has to go through sooner or later. Should you find yourself at a point where your life lacks meaning and your days are filled with living up to others expectations, take this opportunity to rediscover yourself and live the life you could never imagine was destined for you.”
Theo Snyckers


“It’s difficult to change, to be truly happy, to listen to your “essential self”
Where do you even begin to try and do all this by yourself??
My path happily crossed with Gillian’s at my Pilates studio.  I started my Life Coaching sessions with her just a couple of months after that.  Life Coaching has given me “that” place to begin. That place where I could start to listen to my essential self.  A place where the tools were given to me to be truly happy.  And, most of all a safe place to make that change a reality.

Gillian’s intense listening skills make you feel like you are the most important person in the world, and then she actually guides you into truly believing it yourself. Her gentle persuasion takes you through those “hard to admit” places that even you can’t think that you ever believed it to be true about yourself. I loved every minute of the process. Today life still throws challenges in my direction, but now I have the tools to deal with them. I acknowledge the importance of me and have taken responsibility for my own peace. I’m on my path to finding true bliss, one Life Coaching session at a time. As it turns out change is easy, true happiness is within your grasp and all you have to do to listen to yourself is to pay attention………just make sure you’ve got Gillian to help you along the way.”
Zinta Stokes


“I feel deep gratitude to Gillian for the gifts and insights her life coaching sessions have brought me. I had the opportunity to work with Gillian over a six month period. I really looked forward to every single weekly coaching session as they truly brought so many blessings with them. I was going through a particularly challenging period in my life, yet the sessions helped me work with and understand aspects of myself I was not even aware of.

The sessions also helped me embrace difficult situations and perspectives in a very positive and proactive way. I felt very supported throughout these processes by Gillian. I enjoyed her direct and open manner and her pushing me when needed. I felt Gillian to be extremely intuitive, her knowing what was the most important work to be done during a particular session (especially when things were not seeming very clear to me). Her manner was gentle and firmly guiding whereby her core strength and nurturing spirit were clearly visible throughout. Such qualities in her assisted me in my being able to access parts of myself more easily. At all times I felt I was in a very held, safe environment. My time with her I know has helped me tap into my own sense of self, my innate truth and power. I am presently experiencing huge positive change in my life and I give silent thanks every day to Gillian for the blessing she has been and is in my life, as I know my sessions with her have been key to bringing me to the place I am moving towards now. The processes and challenges are far from over, but I am actively working with the insights and tools the coaching sessions have brought me and hope to continue to be able to work with her. Gillian’s passion for the work she does and her love of life together with all the qualities I have mentioned make her an amazing coach…She truly shines from both the inside and out! I know she will enrich many peoples lives through the work she is doing, as well as constantly grow and go to new levels herself through the work and journey she is on.”
Christina Hahn